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Golden Age of Wild Video Volume One

leopard title for go wild with ben

It’s Here!
You asked for it – you got it!
The very best of the first two seasons of WTTW’s Wild Chicago, hosted by Ben Hollis.

Remember when Chicago was a mysterious playground of sights, sounds and citizens doing their thing, being free, reveling in their eccentricity, reeling us in? It’s all here again.


  • Maxworks Hippie Commune
  • Drag Racing on Elston Avenue
  • Chicago’s Best Lakefront Make-out Spot
  • Tiger Moves Man
  • Moo and Oink Meats
  • River Slim Live Fish
  • Lyn Duenow, the Skull Man of the North Shore
  • Margie’s Candies
  • Sgt. Joe Kosala’s Neighborhood
  • The Old Greyhound Bus Station
  • Al-Mansoor Video Store on Devon Avenue

And many more. All driven by composer Roger Adler’s quirky-crazy music. (Roger also wrote our magnificent theme song. Can you hear it in your head right now?)


  • The Original Pitch Tape that got it all started (1987)
  • The Pre-stardom Stephen Colbert appearance
  • Ben’s visit with Mayor Richard M. Daley (1992)
  • Audio commentaries with co-creators John Davies and Ben Hollis, composer Roger Adler and Chicago Tribune writer Rick Kogan

A Brief History of WILD CHICAGO

Wild Chicago celebrated a city that was authentic, funny and utterly real. It debuted on a cold Friday night at 10:30, January 6, 1989, on WTTW, Channel 11 in Chicago, co-created and produced by John Davies and Ben Hollis. Wild Chicago was a weekly half-hour journey into the “urban jungle”, away from Michigan Avenue, away from Lincoln Park, away from the Gold Coast…and into the natural habitat of this city’s vibrant, sometimes dicey neighborhoods where you were introduced to surprising people, places and things you might want to check out for yourself. (If you were brave enough.)

The Golden Age of Wild Chicago, Vol. 1

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The critics raved.  Ratings grew weekly.  Emmys were awarded.  The show touched a nerve. Fans told us it captured for them something raw, something true about their city unlike anything else they’d ever seen on TV…And it made them laugh their asses off. May it do the same for you!

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