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Marketing Your Psychotherapy Practice with Video? She Thought it Couldn’t be Done…

Sep 15, 2018   //   by Ben Hollis   //   Ben's Blog, W.I.L.D. Videos  //  No Comments

Dr. Julia Rahn definitely had her doubts as I explained to her over the phone how the W.I.L.D. Business Video process usually works. And her reservations made sense. Using “customer” testimonials for her Flourish Studios therapy practice was not doing to work. Nor would she make claims of her effectiveness as a therapist. Talking about what makes her approach unique didn’t make her feel comfortable either. She seemed discouraged. What were we going to do?

And then the idea just floated into my head. “How about we think of this video as a public service? How about giving the viewer a handful of mental health tips that tie into some of the products you have for sale here?”

Oh, didn’t I mention that Flourish Studios is not just a place to go for therapy and counseling? It’s also a store. With lots of books and cards and healthy toys and art materials and more, all geared to helping her clientele do and be their very best. I’ve never seen anything like it. A big, beautiful, warm space with lots of light and room to spread out. That was going to be easy to show off on video. And now we had something for Julia to say, some useful content for the viewer to take away.

Julia loved the idea. It changed her mood from consternation to that of excited anticipation. And it freed her up to demonstrate her joy in what she did without worrying about violating professional standards. The shoot was fun and it showed. Dr. Julia’s 5 Mental Health Tips were excellent and easy to digest. What I thought was even better was Julia’s spirit and enthusiasm. How she expressed herself was equally compelling as what she expressed.

That’s what makes these W.I.L.D. videos so effective. I think they make you think, “Hey, this place looks like fun. I want in!” By bringing out Julia’s W.I.L.D. side — her “What I Love Doing” side — I gave her a solution that let her come alive. And everything else fell into place.

What are Dr. Julia’s 5 Mental Health Tips to flourish? Watch the video and see.W.I.L.D. Lakeview – Flourish Studios

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