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What’s Missing in Most Business Videos? (Hint: it’s W.I.L.D.)

Oct 1, 2018   //   by Ben Hollis   //   Ben's Blog  //  No Comments


HeckyLAUGHsmall(Hecky Powell of Hecky’s BBQ in Evanston (IL), experiences the joy of making WILD video with Ben Hollis.)

Video is an entertainment medium. To succeed, it must, on some level, entertain. The viewer must be engaged and have a reason to keep watching.

When a television show bores you, you change channels. Ratings tank. Advertisers flee. The show gets canned. Somebody stops making money.

The same is true for your web video. Let’s say a prospective customer clicks on it (if you have a video), watches for a few seconds, gets bored, leaves the website.  You’ve lost the chance to earn a new customer.

So if you really respect your customers’ time, give them reason to keep watching. Entertain them.

I can hear you already:  “But I’m not in show biz.  I don’t know the first thing about being entertaining.” Relax. And don’t be spooked by the word “entertain.”  It’s easier than you think. Webster defines “entertain” this way: To hold the attention of. You know how to do that. I think most of us do. We’re good at holding people’s attention. We speak up. We smile. We express interest in others. Some of us take a chance and inject a little humor into the situation. Or tell a story, share a fact. It’s not rocket science. In fact, here are two things I’ve found in my experience creating attention-holding (and Emmy award-winning) video over two decades interviewing non-show business people like you:

1. People hold our interest most when they are simply being themselves, exactly as they are.

2. When people share their passion and enthusiasm for what they do, this authentic self emerges effortlessly — and we enjoy watching and giving our attention to them.

In short, if you are going to make an effective, entertaining video to market your business, let it be fueled by your passion for what you love doing. Go a little W.I.L.D.

W.I.L.D.? Yes, W.I.L.D.  Because W.I.L.D. stands for “What I Love Doing.”  When you’re doing your W.I.L.D. thing – doing what you love doing – you are fully alive, at your best, in “The Zone.” And your job on video is to share that love, tell the world why you love doing it, and how that passion benefits your customers.

Think of it this way: when a viewer clicks on your video it’s like she’s walking into your store for the first time. You want to make a positive and appealing first impression. Let your enthusiasm and love for what you do act as a magnet to pull your visitor in.  It’s about attraction more than it is promotion.

A good example of this is a recent video my company produced for the Berwyn (IL) Development Corporation Chamber Services at The World’s Largest Laundromat in Berwyn. My interview with co-owner Tom Benson was informal. He proudly showed me around the place (300 machines), pointing out all the special touches he’d put in to make his customers happy: free pizza on Wednesday nights, a professionally designed play area for kids (including a bi-lingual clown), high-powered washers that spin faster to save drying time and money, free computers, and a rooftop solar energy system to keep things Green. Tom spoke from the heart because his heart was in his business. It showed.

“If I need to spend a little more money to make my customers happy, I’ll do it,” he said. Brief testimonials from his lively clientele backed him up. The result was a video piece that made you smile and want to see the place for yourself.

W.I.L.D. video brings to life the personality and passion of your business, no matter how “unsexy” you think it is. W.I.L.D. video goes beyond “what” you do and gets into the far meatier subject of “why” you do what you do — and how that’s good for your customer.

Everybody needs video on their website today. It’s an essential ingredient in your social media mix. And your customers expect it. Do yourself — and them — a favor: Entertain them with a video inspired by your W.I.L.D. side, your “What I Love Doing” side. They’ll be glad you did.

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