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One W.I.L.D. Ride – On The Route Bicycles

Oct 3, 2018   //   by Ben Hollis   //   Ben's Blog  //  No Comments

I must admit it’s always a thrill to make my initial call to set up a new W.I.L.D. business video shoot and the owner gets all excited and proclaims that he or she is “a big Wild Chicago fan” and “never missed a show!”

It is at this point that I relax, knowing that they already “get” the W.I.L.D. concept and are up for having fun in letting me help them promote their business. In the ensuing conversation it becomes clear that they are going to trust me to do what I do best. (Don’t you just love when that happens?)

Great fans make great clients.  Great clients make for great work. Keep this in mind as you watch this “W.I.L.D. LAKEVIEW” video we did for On the Route Bicycles on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.  Joanne McSweeney’s on camera greeting is truly welcoming, energized, enthused.  We know this is going to be a ball! No caution, no holding back.

Why is this so important? Besides the nice blast to the ego, I think it’s important because it demonstrates what’s possible in an environment of — dare I say it? — Love.  Here, where there is total acceptance, total openness, creativity blossoms. New ideas percolate. Happy, unexpected surprises pop up. People start singing, for God’s sake.

Watch the video and see if you agree.  Can you point to any one particular thing that happened here that seemed especially inspired?  You’ll probably be right.  And even if you don’t see a moment or hear a soundbite that exemplifies what I’m talking about, what about the vibe? I mean, isn’t it just fun to see these folks having such a good time doing what they love doing?

Ah, but about those times when you’re not greeted like a bloomin’ TV star? What if you come face to face with downright grumpiness or worse, contempt? There’s the challenge. I’d really, really like to be able to carry that free spirit of fun wherever I go, ready to share it, even when I’m not treated specially. That’s the trick, don’t you think? And get this. The sourpuss or meanie who seems to hate the world is actually the person who needs to be lightened up the most. I try to remember that more and more as I go forth, carrying the W.I.L.D. banner. It’s part of my job, really.

But on days like the day I met Joanne and the crew at On the Route, it came easy, like riding a bike.

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